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Expanding a Storage or Cache Device Appears to Complete Without Error, But Storage Does Not Expand (KBA9525)




KBA# 9525



After selecting one or more storage devices to expand in the System Setup application, an action is initiated for each selected device.  In some instances, this action appears to complete successfully, but the Unused space remains unchanged.

Subsequent attempts to expand will exhibit the same behavior.

The behavior may only occur for some of the selected disk devices; others may expand successfully.


One or more block storage devices have been expanded in the hypervisor (this behavior may occur on any platform).

Applicable Delphix Versions

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This issue occurs when the primary storage pool for the Engine is in a degraded state, typically due to errors encountered at some point in the past.

Storage events are logged as a Critical fault, and cannot ultimately be resolved without Delphix Support intervention.  In this instance, if a storage issue has occurred and has not been resolved, this can be confirmed by navigating to System - Faults in the Admin application.

Under the Current tab (selected by default), the relevant fault can be confirmed by using the Filter to search for "storage", as illustrated below:


If this condition is encountered, create a case with Delphix Support to resolve the fault, at which point the storage device(s) can be expanded successfully.

At this time, there is no other customer-accessible indicator of a degraded storage pool or device.



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