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CLI Message "management service is currently unavailable" Causes Application to Fail when VDB Job Completes (KBA6253)




KBA# 6253



When using the CLI in 6.0 engine prior to the release, there is a possibility that CLI jobs can throw this message when an HTTP 404 response is encountered:

---Removing database vchild ---
    Dispatched job JOB-2743
    DB_DELETE job started for "mssql/vchild".
    Validating that this dataset is managed by Delphix.
    Stopping virtual database.
    Unmounting datasets.
    Unexporting storage containers.
    Metadata for dSource "vchild" successfully deleted.
The operation could not be completed because the management service is currently unavailable. If the system is starting up, 
please log out and try again at a later point. Otherwise, run "system restart" as a system user and try to reconnect at a 
later point. If the problem persists, please contact Delphix support.

  • In this specific example, a VDB is deleted and the error can cause some applications to fail. 
  • For example, if the CLI calls are passed from a Windows Powershell application using a utility that can pass commands to the Delphix engine via SSH, such as PLINK.exe, the Powershell script can interpret the message as an error and decide to fail the application. 
  • With the VDB job completing on Delphix engine, such an application disruption can cause downstream operations to halt leading to manual intervention with the application workflow to resolve other issues.
  • In this case the Delete VDB leads to a SYNC on parent VDB, and a Provision of the deleted VDB.  If the Powershell script indicates the delete failure, confusion can ensue when the developer checks the GUI for the status of the datasets. They will find the job completed but now their application workflow has been disrupted.



Issue only occurs with 6.0 engines prior to release.

Applicable Delphix Versions

Major Release All Sub Releases
Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,



Issue is resolved in release.  After upgrading to this version no changes are required with the CLI application(s).


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