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DSP Test in Network Performance Tool Fails With "The Delphix Engine is Unable To Login to the Remote Delphix Engine" (KBA5383)




KBA# 5383



The DSP Throughput test provided in the Network Performance Tool may fail with "The Delphix Engine is unable to login to the remote Delphix Engine" and directs the user to "Check the login parameters." 


However, in this instance, the verification of credentials in the test configuration is successful, suggesting there is no credential issue:


Applicable Delphix Versions

This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

Major Release

All Sub Releases



This failure can be an indication network security properties are mismatched between the Source and Target Engines. A user with sysadmin privileges can log into the System Setup UI and review the Custom Authorizations settings to determine if client or server authorization for network test remote connections is configured on one Engine and not the other by comparing the values in the Network Security pane. Example:

In this instance, the failure indicates a misconfiguration between the two Engines (directionality of test does not matter in this instance). The Custom Authorization settings for "Perform Server authorization for network test remote connections" and/or "Perform Client authorization for network test remote connections" must be corrected in order for the test to be successful.

Documentation for the Delphix Engine Network Security Settings can be accessed by clicking the "More info" hyperlink in the Network Security pane.




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