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Troubleshooting "Failed to Discover Environment Variable $SYBASE" (KBA3792)




KBA# 3792


While attempting to discover an ASE environment, you may encounter the error "Failed to Discover Environment Variable $SYBASE on host".  


Delphix relies on the $SYBASE environment variable being set for the specified operating user during environment discovery.

The $SYBASE environment variable must be defined for non-interactive shells (such as via the .bashrc configuration file).  For most operating systems setting the environment variable as follows will define it for non-interactive logins:

  • Set the PermitUserEnvironment configuration parameter to "yes" in the sshd_config file

  • Create .ssh/environment file.

  • Add SYBASE=/opt/sybase/ase157
    Make sure that the environment variable is set for user and the command uses no spaces.

After the variable has been added to the “.ssh/environment” file, test to to verify correct display by executing the following command from a second host:

ssh delphix_user@ase_hostname env | grep SYBASE