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Enabling an ASE dSource After Receiving an exception.db.generictarget.unmount.failed Error Code (KBA7823)




KBA# 7823

Applicable Delphix Versions

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How to Enable an ASE dSource After Receiving an exception.db.generictarget.unmount.failed Error Code

A Virtualization Engine may report the following error following a SnapSync:

Failed to unmount "XYZ_DSOURCE" because the unmount command executed as user "delphix" on host "" failed for mount point "/abc/sybase/XYZ123/delphix/420fc150-c06b-e743-510b-820ae6b10c73-staging-999/datafile".
Error Codeexception.db.generictarget.unmount.failed
Suggested Action : Make sure the user has permission to unmount file systems on the host.
umount.nfs: /abc/sybase/XYZ123/delphix/420fc150-c06b-e743-510b-820ae6b10c73-staging-999/datafile: device is busy

The issue occurs due to a bug (DLPX-72019) found in Delphix versions up to After the operation to unmount the database fails, the Engine tries to drop the database, and the command fails silently.

In version onwards, if the engine fails to drop the database, it will provide a warning which would fail the SnapSync operation avoiding this situation.

This article acts as a guide to unmounting the dSource and enabling it.

To enable the ASE dSource

  1. Carry out a "force" disable of the dSource. This will stop sharing the underlying NFS mounts and cause them to go stale.
  2. Manually cleanup the stale NFS mounts - see Resolving "Stale File Handle" Error on Linux Systems (KBA1037)
sudo umount -lf <mountpoint>
  1. From the Configuration tab for the dSource, change the Validated Sync Mode setting to DISABLED. This will ensure that you do not attempt to load database dumps when you enable the dSource.
  2. Restart ASE and cleanup the staging database.
select "exec sp_dropdevice " + name from sysdevices where phyname like "%staging-999/"
-- Execute the "sp_dropdevice" command generated from the above SQL statement.
  1. Enable the dSource.
  2. Click the camera icon and specify either the Most Recent Existing Full Backup or Specific Existing Full Backups.
  3. Once the dSource has finished loading the desired backup, it is safe to revert the Validated Sync Mode setting to ENABLED.