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EBS 12.2 Oracle Universal Installer Fails with "Not Enough Space" (KBA1258)




In EBS 12.2 upgrades and installations, Oracle Universal Installer (called by can fail with "not enough space" even though there is ample space available, due to an issue in the Oracle Universal Installer.  


This issue can occur when the apparent available space on a file system is greater than about 2.5GB.  This can often happen with Delphix vFiles (which are mounted on the target environment via NFS) where the reported free space reflects the free space in the DxFS storage domain.

The following type of messaging may be found in theohclone.log file:

Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2014-10-29_02-19-45PM. Please wait ...Oracle Universal Installer, Version Production
Copyright (C) 1999, 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved.

There is not enough space on the volume you have specified. Oracle Universal Installer has detected that you currently have 0 MB available on the chosen volume. 750 MB of space is required for the software.

If 0MB is reported, and there is actually plenty of space available, the actual amount of space most likely caused an overflow in the installer.  (For more information on how to verify this from ohclone.log, see the Oracle document linked below under Additional Information.)


Oracle has documented this issue in Support Document 2424443.1 (12.2 CLONING FAILS ON 10.1.2 ORACLE HOME DUE TO INCORRECT CALCULATION OF SPACE), which can be found at: 

The document also provides link to patch 26073768 which resolves the behavior.  The patch is applicable to 12.2.7 with TXK and AD 10 codelevel; if a lower revision is installed, Oracle Support should be engaged to obtain comparable relief for their version.

Additional Information

The underlying Oracle issue is originally described on the Oracle Support website (login required) in Doc ID 1942808.1.