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Delphix Execution Fails on Oracle Home Mounted on Delphix vFiles (AppData, Unstructured Files) NFS Mount (KBA8481)




KBA# 8481



Execution of the script as part of upgrade for Oracle home mounted on Delphix vFiles (also referred to as AppData or Unstructured Files) datasets may fail in chown and chmod steps with "operation not permitted".

/bin/chown: changing ownership of ‘<filesystem mount path>’: Operation not permitted
/bin/chmod: changing permissions of ‘<filesystem mount path>’: Operation not permitted


Upgrade attempted on Oracle home (binaries) mounted from Delphix native vFiles datasets.  

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Ultimately, this behavior is by design. Delphix native RDBMS and vFiles are shared with NFS "root_squash" option enabled, which prevents some root privilege grants from being permitted on NFS filesystems.  

The Delphix vSDK does allow for plugin developers to alter this behavior, but at the publication time of this document no alternative is available in "native" Datasets to alter this behavior.  Root squash cannot be disabled at this time.

An RFE exists for Delphix Product Development to consider expansion of NFS file mount options in a future release.  Any Delphix Customer may work with their Account Team to be added to the request to indicate increased interest. This knowledge article may be referenced as needed.


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