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Oracle VDB Provision/Refreshes Fail With Bad Credential for User "sys" (KBA1863)




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A Virtual Database (VDB) provision or refresh fails at the SnapSync stage with the credentials for user "sys" issues.

Errors like this will be seen:

Provision virtual database "Vdb1_280".

Run SnapSync for database "Vdb1_280".

Connection to database "Vdb1_280" with the given credential for user "sys" was denied.

Make sure that the configured database username and password is correct.

Credentials Error.png

This happens when the parent Data Source (dSource) is linked with the "sys" user. 


There are two possible solutions to handle a dSource added with the "sys" user:

  1. Use Oracle Password files
  2. Set a non-sys user for the dSource configuration page
Using a Password file:
  • Connect to the Source  Server
  • Create an Oracle password file. The syntax is below, replace the sections in red.

orapwd file=[YOUR_ORACLE_HOME]/dbs/orapw[YOUR_VDB_SID] password=[YOUR_SYS_PASSWORD] entries=[10]


orapwd file=/u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs/orapwVdb1_280 password=delphix entries=5

  • Make sure when creating the password file to use the VDB SID, not the dSource SID  
  • Copy the newly created password file to your Virtual database target server. Usually, this will want to be copied under the directory $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
  • VDB provision and refresh operations should now complete
Set a non-sys user on the dSource.
  • Create a  secondary database user on the dSource. This script can be used to create an Oracle Database user.
  • Log into the Delphix Admin application using delphix_admin credentials.
  • In the  Manage menu, select  Databases > My Databases.
  • From the Configuration tab select the Oracle dSource for which you want to add a non-SYS user.
  • Click the dSource's  icon to open the dSource information pane.
  • Click the Edit button next to Non-SYS User.
  • Enter a non-SYS user and credentials that exist on the standby.
  • Click the Accept button to save this user and associated credentials.
  • The non-SYS user will be used to connect to all VDBs provisioned from snapshots of this dSource that are created after the non-Sys user has been set.

After the non-sys user has been set the dSource will need SnapSyncing. The newly created snapshot card can then be used to provision Virtual Databases (VDB's). If a VDB has already been provisioned but is in a failed state then a refresh to the latest snapshot


Please note: In the case of a standby database, the script must be run on the Primary database.

Additional Information

This behaviour has been in place since release 4.2.

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