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How to specify custom initialization parameters for Oracle Validated Sync (KBA1069)




When an Oracle dSource has 'Validated Sync' enabled, Delphix will use a specified 'Staging Environment' to create a temporary database to perform recovery. By default, the initialization parameters are 'inherited' from the source database. In some situations the 'Staging Environment' doesn't contain sufficient resources to match the source database; this can cause the 'Validated Sync' portion of the SnapSync to fail as Delphix cannot startup a database with those values. Beginning in Delphix version 4.1.1, a method was added to allow customers to configure a 'special'  virtual database (VDB) Configuration Template to be used by the 'Validated Sync' enabled dSource to override the source database default initialization parameters. 


Create a VDB Configuration Template with a specific naming convention, 'vs-<dSource Name>'. This template must contain all the required initialization parameters. It cannot contain just the parameters to be overridden.