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How to Resolve Oracle Error ORA-00904 Raised During a Delphix SnapSync (KBA1531)



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During a SnapSync operation or while attempting to provision or refresh an Oracle virtual database (VDB), an Oracle error ORA-00904 may be raised similar to the following:

Failed to complete query as user "delphix" in database "products" due to an unexpected Oracle Error: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [SELECT /*+ RULE */ nvl(, 'NONAME') AS file_name, dh.file# AS afn, dh.rfile# AS rfn, AS tablespace_name, dh.bytes, fe.febsz AS blocksize, dh.status, dh.error, decode(bitand(fe.feflg, 4), 4, 'READ WRITE', decode(bitand(fe.festa, 12), 0, 'DISABLED', 4, 'READ ONLY', 12,'READ WRITE', 'UNKNOWN')) as read_mode, dh.creation_change# FROM v$datafile_header dh, x$kccfe fe, v$tablespace ts WHERE dh.file# = fe.fenum AND dh.con_id = fe.con_id AND ts.ts# = dh.ts# AND ts.con_id = dh.con_id AND dh.con_id IN (?)]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "FE"."CON_ID": invalid identifier .


This error is typically raised because the Delphix database user has not been setup correctly. It has also been raised after upgrading from Oracle 11g to 12c (when the user had been setup correctly prior to the upgrade).


  1. Download and run the script from
  2. Refresh the environment
  3. Attempt a fresh SnapSync by clicking the camera icon