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How to Resolve "internal error during execution" Errors During Oracle VDB Operations (KBA1536)



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In rare cases, you may receive an "internal error"  error during Oracle VDB operations. For example:

DB_PROVISION job for "Group/VDB Name" failed due to an internal error during execution.


Internal Errors are reported by the Delphix Engine / Dynamic Data Platform if an operation fails in an unexpected way, and no other relevant error message is available. This may be due to a rare environment configuration, or a bug in the Data Platform.

Known circumstances in which this error message may occur are listed in the table below.

Affected Platform version(s) Affected Operations Article - VDB Provision Troubleshooting "Internal error" during Oracle VDB Provisioning - stopped/missing Listener


Each of the possible causes above has its own path to resolution, accessible using the Article column of the above table.

If none of these are useful in resolving your issue, please raise a case with Delphix Support for further investigation.