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FAQ: Provisioning Oracle Virtual Databases (KBA1433)



KBA# 1433

What are the supported Oracle versions for Provisioning? 

Please refer to Supported DBMS Versions

What do the Provisioning Job Progress Percentages mean? 

The provisioning job keeps updating its percentage completion. A rough breakdown of those updates are:

Percentage Complete Description
0 Job started : DB_PROVISION job started
0 Preparing VDB for Provision
1 Cloning VDB storage container
5 Generating recovery scripts
10  Exporting storage containers
15 Validating user environment settings on target host
15 Mounting VDB file systems
18 Mounting read only archive log file system
20 Running user specified pre-recovery script
85 Oracle recovery successful
85 Unmounting and deleting read only archive log file system
90 Running user specified post-recovery script
100 Virtual database successfully provisioned
100 Provision Virtual Database complete

Is it possible to provision a virtual database (VDB) to either a particular point in time or a particular SCN?

Yes. Please refer to Provisioning a Virtual Database for the procedure.

What is the fastest way to provision a VDB? 

Oracle recovery is usually the single biggest contributor to the total provisioning time. Provisioning using a Snapshot does the least amount of recovery. Please refer to Provisioning a Virtual Database for the procedure to provision using a Snapshot.

Can I Provision a VDB from an encrypted database? 

Yes. Delphix Engine supports provisioning from a dSource added from a physical database encrypted with Oracle’s Transparent Database Encryption (TDE), which can be used to encrypt columns or tablespaces. TDE was introduced with Oracle 10gR2. Please refer to Provisioning from an Encrypted Database for more details.

Can a VDB be provisioned from another VDB? 

Yes. VDB's timeflow will be used for doing this.

Any gotchas for Provisioning with SQLPLUS settings? 

Provisioning fails when "feedback" option is ON in the glogin.sql/login.sql files. Delphix provisioning tools rely on the format of output from sqlplus. And the "feedback" option can change the format of the output.  SQL queries within the glogin.sql/login.sql files that generate output, e.g. SELECT statements, can also lead to the failure of provision jobs.

My VDB non-RMAN backups are failing. Can Delphix be doing something at around the same time to cause this? 

Delphix puts the VDB in hot backup mode when taking a Snapshot. And this can interfere with the non-RMAN type backups which also put the VDB in hot backup modeThis situation can be avoided if we can schedule the VDB Snapshot to happen outside the expected non-RMAN backup window.

My VDB startup is failing saying that control file cannot be locked. How to resolve this? 

The database startup fails like this:

Screen shot 2012-06-28 at 8.08.53 PM.png

First check if the NFS Lock service is enabled and running on the target host. If the service is up and running, then please contact Delphix Support for the resolution.

Can Delphix do cross-platform provisioning? 

In versions earlier than 4.0 this is not supported. Starting in 4.0, Delphix has the Modernization Engine which is able to accomplish cross-platform provisioning.

VDB's can be provisioned only to a target server running the same OS (different distribution is fine) as the source server. If you are interest in doing 

Can Delphix provision to a 2 or greater than 2 node RAC? 

Yes. This is fully supported. What if I want to use an SPFILE instead of a PFILE for my VDB? 

Delphix uses PFILEs for VDBs.

After the VDB is provisioned, standard Oracle commands can be run to create SPFILE from PFILE. From then on, Oracle will look for SPFILE as first thing during the startup.

Can Flashback be utilized when provisioning a VDB? 

Yes, but only if the following conditions are met:

Source is a standby AND
Flashback is on AND
Flashback logs are managed by ASM AND
The target host has an ASM instance that our VDB can connect to AND
We can read the flashback logs referenced by the backup controlfile.

Otherwise there will be problems using Flashback