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Considerations When Upgrading Oracle Sources to 12c Multitenant (KBA1857)






When upgrading to Oracle 12c databases may optionally be converted to multitenant database. When this is done, the database will be converted to a Pluggable Database and attached to a CDB.  

The Delphix Engine does not support migrating an existing dSource from a non multitenant database to a multitenant database. Due to this any dSource which has been converted as part of an upgrade must be unlinked then re-imported to Delphix, as if it was a new database. For general process of upgrading dSources see Upgrading dSources after an Oracle Upgrade.

The following issues may arise from this process.

  • VDBs created from 11g non multitenant dSource will need to be recreated against the 12c multitenant dSource.
  • Self-Service configurations will need to be rebuilt against 12c multitenant dSource.
  • Bookmarks created against 11g dSource/VDBs will not be compatible with 12c dSource/VDBs.
  • It will not be possible to rewind/refresh across the migration.

As these limitations exist, any migration to multitenant sources must be carefully planned to ensure continuity of service for VDBs, especially if Self-Service is being used. Delphix recommends the following process 

  • Unlink dSource database.
    VDBs will continue to operate as before, however it will only be able to refresh up to the latest fetched archive log.
  • Upgrade source database as per instructions from Oracle.
  • Refresh source Environment.
    This should discover the new 12c Multitenant dSource.
  • Link new PDB dSource as per, see Linking an Oracle Pluggable Database
  • When VDBs are ready to be refreshed, they should either be deleted (this will remove all snapshot ) or recreated.
    If VDB snapshots must be maintained, then stop the existing VDB and create a new VDB.
  • If Self-Service is being used, then create a new configuration for the Multitenant database and move uses to the new configuration as required.