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SQL Server Log Chain Breaks in Transaction Log Validated Sync (KBA9572)




KBA# 9572



When using validated sync with SQL Server virtualization transaction logs, certain events occur causing the log chain to break, such as the inability to find a particular log file to restore on the staging database. When this occurs, Delphix throws the following fault:

  * Object ID                     FAULT-344
  Fault Id                        344
  Target                          MSSQL_LINKED_SOURCE-21
  Target Name                     dSource_Target
  Bundle Id                       fault.mssql.source.logchainbreak
  Params                          99999999-3BBB-4EEE-9444-666666666666
  Title                           Source database has had a log chain break
  Description                     Failed to ingest the transaction log backup with UUID "99999999-3BBB-4EEE-9444-666666666666" over the last restored backup with UUID "77777777-1111-2222-939C-588888893A59" due to a log chain break on the source database "dSource_Target". Restore from a full or differential database backup is needed to continue.
  Response                        Validated sync will be stopped and no transaction log backups will be ingested.
  Action (Action)                 Perform a sync on the dSource to restore a full or differential database backup.
  Severity                        CRITICAL
  Status                          ACTIVE
  Date Diagnosed                  2022-09-21 19:55:34 UTC
  Date Resolved
  Posted By                       UNKNOWN

The suggested action implies a sync of the staging database of the dSource will resolve the issue.

Common reasons why it happens:

  • Switching the Recovery Modes from FULL to SIMPLE.
  • Log Backups using the Truncate Only option (discontinued in SQL Server 2008).
  • Log Backup with No_log Option - Read more on BACKUP LOG WITH NO_LOG  (discontinued in SQL Server 2008).
  • Reverting database with Database Snapshot.


Use of SQL Server transaction log validated sync which causes the log chain break.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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As the suggested action says:

Perform a sync on the dSource to restore a full or differential database backup.

Manually run the SnapSync on the dSource selecting either of the following two options in the UI:



Select either Use the most recent full or differential backup or Use a specific full or differential backup.

The Use the most recent full or differential backup option will result in discovering the most recent full/diff backup and proceed with ingestion. When completed, subsequent transaction logs will be ingested.

The Use a specific full or differential backup option requires the DBA to determine the backup UUID of a full or differential backup from the source instance backupset history. This value can be entered in the Backup Set UUID field:



Once ingestion completes, the validated sync will resume. You will likely see a "gap" in timecards depending on how far out the full/diff backup is from the log chain break.


A DBA can check SQL Server activities to check for conditions that can cause a break.