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Resolving VDB Refresh Failure due to ERROR : Mount point is not empty! (KBA7383)




KBA# 7383

Applicable Delphix Versions

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When a VDB is shutdown (a requirement for a Refresh operation) Delphix will take the following steps:

  • Shutdown of the VDB instance
  • Un-mount the NFS file systems (datafile, archive, temp, and external) on the Target Environment 
  • Delete the VDB directory 

In the event there has been an issue or activity outside the control of Delphix and the above procedures have been unable to complete, then directories under the VDB mount point may still exist. If this situation occurs Delphix will be unable to start the VDB after the Refresh operation and the following error will be reported:

ERROR : Mount point "/<mount_base>/<VDB>" is not empty!
ERROR : Could not mount "" at "/<mount_base>/<VDB>
ERROR : Details : Checking if is mounted to /<mount_base>/<VDB>;

To Resolve "Mount point is not empty" take the following actions:

  1. Confirm that the mount point is not empty.

    On the Target environment (where the VDB is mounted):
# cd /<mount_base>/<VDB>
# ls -lrt

For example, in this case NFS file systems datafile and archive exist under the VDB (test_vdb) mount point. This has caused the error:

# cd /mnt/test_vdb
/mnt/test_vdb> ls -lrt 
total 4 
drwxrwx--- 2 delphix dba 512 Apr 6 13:58 datafile/ 
drwxrwx--- 2 delphix dba 512 Apr 6 13:58 archive/
  1. Attempt to un-mount the directories. For example:
# /bin/umount -lf /mnt/test_vdb/datafile
# /bin/umount -lf /mnt/test_vdb/archive
# /bin/umount -lf /mnt/test_vdb

The VDB mount point should be empty after the umount operation. If any files or directories still remain, the Delphix operation will continue to fail with the same error. If files do exist under the VDB mount point after the umount operation, then please engage the System Administrator to investigate the cause.

  1. When the VDB mount point is clean, attempt the Refresh operation again.