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Resolving Incorrect Toolkit Owner Error (KBA1220)



Troubleshooting Error: Incorrect Toolkit Owner 

The following error may occur during a target environment refresh or when running jobs which involve activity on a target host:

Delphix Object

Title: Incorrect toolkit owner 
Details: The owner of the Delphix toolkit installation directory is not 'X'. 
User Action: Check the owner of the toolkit directory.

The error suggests a discrepancy between the DelphixOS user and the user who owns the toolkit folders on the target environment. This issue is caused when either the DelphixOS user is changed or when ownership of some portion or all of the toolkit directory on the target host is changed viachown

Suggested Action 

  1. Review ownership of the Delphix toolkit directories on the host environment.
  2. (Assuming you know the password) Change the environment owner on the Delphix Engine for that host environment to match the owner of the toolkit directories.
  3. Refresh the environment and check if any errors occur.