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Resolving Error When Adding an Environment on Linux (KBA1266)



Troubleshooting Adding an Environment on Linux 

Attempts to add a new Linux environment fail with:

ENVIRONMENT_CREATE job for "<env name>" failed due to internal error during execution.


The mentioned "internal error" is the only external indication of failure. Note that the Delphix Engine version is < 4.2.


In some minimal Linux configurations, the required libc library /lib/ may not be present, which is required for linking with Java.  


To resolve this issue

  1.  After confirming the library is not present, determine which package will provide the required library:
yum provides
  1. Use the result to install the recommended rpm e.g.
yum install glibc-2.17-55.el7.i686
  1. Verify that you can now add the desired Environment using the Add Environment Utility in the GUI or CLI.