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Resolving Delphix Engine Registration May Fail Due to Influence of Browser Ad Blockers Error (KBA1131)



Troubleshooting "Delphix Engine Registration May Fail Due to Influence of Browser Ad Blockers" Error

Delphix Engine Registration is used to support some versions of Delphix demonstration software and to enable specific security features for licensed versions of the product. Registration can be done either through the Server Setup application on a Delphix engine or by using the the external Web-based tool at

The Registration Tool in the Server Setup Application can be activated by selecting the View label in the Registration panel on the main Server Setup Application page.  This tool uses cross-domain HTTP operations, and some Web browser ad blockers or security extensions may block these operations.

Selecting either the Register or Check Registration Status buttons will immediately result in an error dialog. Selecting one of these buttons will be accompanied by a small delay in the presence of an animated spinner. When an Ad Blocker disrupts the call, there is no delay, the error dialog occurs immediately. 

An unknown error occurred while communicating with the registration portal. Please verify you are connected to the Internet, re-enter your support credentials, and try again. If this message persists contact Delphix Support.


To resolve the Ad Blocker error

  • Disable ad blockers in the browser
  • Use a different browser that isn't using ad blockers
  • Register the Delphix engine using the Web Tool at