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Resolving 'Host is Already Managed by This Delphix Engine' Message (KBA1314)





Troubleshooting Error when adding a new Host

Error that is seen when adding a new Host to the Delphix Engine

Text = The host is already managed by this Delphix Engine.
Action = The host was previously added; check the IP address you have entered for this new host.
Details = The host <host> is already managed by this Delphix Engine. 

When adding a new host you must specify the location for the toolkit directory in the Delphix GUI. This above error implies that the new host that is trying to be added already has a toolkit directory in that specified location from this Delphix Engine. This error may be thrown in a variety of scenarios:

  1. Storage is shared between hosts via a clustered file system or NFS and where the host had previously been managed by this Delphix appliance. Covered by bug DLPX-43341 "Use clustered file system for toolkit location for RAC environments".
  2. The toolkit directory has been (erroneously) copied from between target hosts, for example as some form of (poor man's) replication
  3. Changing a cluster node's IP address where that RAC node is a valid environment on a specific Delphix Engine. Covered by bug DLPX-46821 "Users should be able to manually remove discovered configs".




Hosts can have multiple names and IP address. In this case, it is important to not add this host to the same Delphix Engine twice.


  1. If a clustered file system or NFS file system is being used then a directory must be created for each server then the full path to this location must be used for the location of the toolkit directory when adding the new host in the Delphix GUI.

For example:

  1. In the case where the toolkit directory has been copied, remove the copied directory, using the Delphix UI remove the host environment and add it again.