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Resolving "validation of user environment failed" errors on NFSv4-only Linux Target environments (KBA9556)




KBA# 9556



On Linux Target Environments where NFSv3 and RPC services have been explicitly disabled, VDB operations may fail with the following errors:

Environment validation failed for environment "My_Environment" host "myhost.mydomain". Cause: Validation of user environment failed.


SOURCE_START job for "MyVDB" failed due to an error during execution: Failed to mount "MyVDB" because the mount command executed as user "delphix" on host "myhost.mydomain" failed for mount point

Applicable Delphix Versions

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To validate whether NFSv4 is available on Linux Target Environments, the Continuous Data Engine queries the sysfs filesystem to gather more information about the NFS configuration:

cat /sys/module/nfs/parameters/recover_lost_locks

In cases where the NFS kernel module has been completely blocked from loading at startup - for example, when following the NFS4 only steps from Red Hat's documentation, the above command will return a no such file or directory error.


To resolve this issue, it may be necessary for a system administrator to ensure that the NFS kernel module is loaded on the affected Target Environment:

sudo modprobe nfs

This will persist until the host is next rebooted.

This can also be configured in the "modules-load" daemon, to ensure that the NFS module is loaded on each subsequent host reboot:

# cat > /etc/modules-load.d/nfs.conf

Note that, for NFSv4 to be used, all other prerequisites from the documentation NFSv4 Configuration and Target Host OS and Database Configuration Options must also be met.



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