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How to re-run a failed rollback operation (KBA9004)




KBA# 9004



When a vDB rollback operation fails it can leave the vDB in a disabled state which will prevent the option of running another rollback attempt due to it being greyed out. Any enable attempt will fail as the vDB has not been successfully rolled back.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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In order to get the rollback option the vDB will need to be enabled but since it cannot start due to a previous failure you need to use the CLI to enable the vDB without starting.  This can be done with the following procedure:

ssh admin@<delphix-engine>
delphix-engine> source
delphix-engine source> select vDB
delphix-engine source vDB> enable
delphix-engine source vDB enable> set attemptStart=false
delphix-engine source vDB enable> commit

Once the vDB is enabled, then a new rollback can be done via the GUI or CLI.