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Environment Authentication Using Kerberos Credentials Fails on Delphix versions 6.0.0- (KBA7495)




KBA# 7495



An issue may be encountered where authentication to Unix/Linux Environments fails using Kerberos credentials, though the keytab and other details are confirmed to be correct.

This issue will affect Dataset operations (SnapSync, Provision, Refresh) as well as Environment Disovery and Refresh.


  • An enabled Kerberos KDC configuration
  • One or more Environments configured with Kerberos credentials
  • Delphix Engine version is

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases


This behavior is the result of incorrect parsing of the Kerberos authentication ticket expiration date on the Delphix Engine which may cause the ticket to be updated too frequently or not frequently enough, the latter resulting in login failures.  The behavior is ultimately resolved in which is generally available for upgrade.

Upgrades from and later to do not require Support intervention; the upgrade can be applied as soon as is convenient, and may not require any VDB downtime.  Details of the target Delphix release and upgrade instructions should be reviewed for further detail:

The issue is referenced by DLPX-73611 in the Fixed Issues segment of Release Notes.


The following event may be encountered during any job that requires Environment authentication using Kerberos credentials as mentioned earlier in the article (Dataset operations or Environment Discovery, Refresh).

messageAction: Make sure that the host user and password are correct, and that the Delphix Connector is properly registered with the Delphix Engine.
messageCode: exception.ccc.authenticate.failed
messageCommandOutput: net.schmizz.sshj.userauth.UserAuthException: Exhausted available authentication methods
messageDetails: Could not log into "<ENVIRONMENT NAME>" with the provided username and password.



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