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Delphix Engine Only Displays Blank Page, Browser Indicates Finished Loading (KBA4982)




KBA# 4982



In some instances, a behavior may be encountered where the Delphix Engine web interface never presents a landing page, login prompt, etc.  The page will not indicate it is still loading, and reloading the page does not correct the issue.

In this instance, the page may load successfully from another browser, but the browser previously used to access the Engine may continue to only load a blank page.

Applicable Delphix Versions

Major Release

Sub Releases



5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,




This behavior can be introduced by initiating an HTTPS connection from a browser instance where the Engine was previously accessed via HTTP.  

Ultimately, the problem is caused by an issue with the browser cookie saved for the Engine when HTTPS connection occurs after HTTP connection. The existing cookie cannot be reused, and the browser/Engine connection ends up in a loop of session creation.

To resolve the issue, the browser data (cookies and other site data) for the Delphix Engine must be removed.  Instructions for this action vary by Browser and OS version, so the relevant vendor documentation should be referenced accordingly, as all cookie and site data can be removed, or only the data for the affected Engine (so as to not affect other site functionality).

The relevant vendor references for supported browsers and operating systems, at the time of this document creation, are included in the Related Articles section below.

The issue is currently under investigation by Delphix.


  • The Engine responds to ping
  • Login via CLI (ssh) works without issue
  • The address bar may indicate attempt to load index.html?from=%2FServer.html
  • A force reload will not correct the issue (directing browser to reload without cache)
  • Connecting to the engine via HTTPS will not exhibit the behavior, and the page will load as expected
  • Developer tools will indicate repeated receive of 692B "about?_=<incrementing numeric value" as illustrated below



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