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Customizing VDB File Mappings with Regex using CLI (KBA1800)



How to Customize VDB File Mappings with Regex using CLI

When provisioning a VDB from the CLI, you can use the optional source.fileMappingRules to use custom file mapping. The use of newline characters is not currently supported in the CLI. You can, however, use the standard Java regular expressions. Below is one example. See this link for a full example provisioning a VDB from the CLI.

The starting file path in this example is:




Using bracket regex for the source.fileMappingRules:

set source.fileMappingRules=\+DATA/CDOMLOSR9FB7/789B11F9BE1E7799E053B0032B0A2CF7/[D,d][A,a][T,t][A,a]:Sean

The result:

[ora12201@rh65-ora12c-src SeanFILE]$ pwd

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Note: the Delphix Engine built-in API documentation does require that the user be logged in previously through the Admin interface.