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Customizing Policies Using Quartz Cron Scheduling (KBA4018)




KBA# 4018

How to Customize Policies using Quartz Cron Scheduling

In some use cases, it may be desired to configure a custom policy for snapshot or VDB refresh operations; VDB refresh on the 1st Saturday of each month at 1AM, for example. In order to accomplish this, a custom schedule can be configured using Quartz Cron scheduling.

Creating a Custom Schedule

Following the steps provided in product documentation at

Select Schedule > Custom
A new field will appear for Cron Expression


As the Delphix Engine utilizes standard Quartz Cron scheduling expressions, this method can be used to achieve the custom schedule desired. In the aforementioned example of 1st Saturday of each month at 1AM, the appropriate entry would be:

0 0 1 ? 1/1 SAT#1 *

In which we are specifying, left to right:
- 0 seconds
- 0 minutes
hour (0100)
Day of month
Month (1/1 indicates starting the first month, every month. Effectively this is very similar to simply using wildcard (*))
Day of week (here, indicated Saturday by SAT, and limiting to the first Saturday by #1)

There are numerous resources that document the usage. is a primary resource.