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Using Multi Tenant to Create a Masking Job (KBA1722)





At a Glance

Description: Multi Tenant enables users to re-use existing Rule Sets to mask identical schemas using different Connectors. The feature is also required when creating and provisioning Masked vDBs.
Available: The feature 'Multi Tenant' is available on the following jobs: 
  • Profiling 
  • Masking 
  • Tokenization 
  • Re-Identification
Required:  The feature 'Multi Tenant' needs to be enabled when:
  • Linking Masking Jobs with the Continuous Data Engine (formerly Virtualization Engine). 
How to: UI: Environments > [Environment] > [Job popup]
API: profileJob
API: maskingJob
API: tokenizationJob
API: reidentificationJob
More Info: For more information, please see: 

Muti Tenant

The Multi Tenant feature in Masking enables existing Rule Sets to be reused to mask identical schemas via different connectors. When enabled, the connector can be selected at job execution time.

This feature is also required when creating a masked virtual database (VDB).

Using the UI


Below is an example creating a Masking Job with the Multi Tenant feature enabled:

  1. Enter job name using free form format.
  2. Select Masking Method In-Place.
  3. Select the Multi Tenant checkbox.
  4. Select Rule Set – use existing Rule Set.
  5. Click Save.

             Masking UI - KBA1722 - Job Config - Multi Tenant.png


To execute a job on the Masking Engine (with Multi Tenant): 

  1. Click the Run icon (Play icon) in the Action column for the desired job.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
    Enter the target environment and the target connector.
  3. Click Run.

 Masking UI - KBA1722 - Job Execution - Multi Tenant.png




 Prior to running the masking job, the Target Environment and Target Connector must be configured. 

Using the API


An example of the API JSON can be found below:

{  "jobName": "Tbl_Mask",
   "rulesetId": 1,
   "rulesetType": "table",
   "multiTenant": true,


An example of executing a job with Multi Tenant enabled is shown below: 

  • The ID for the Target Connector to use is required to execute the job. 
  "jobId": 1,
  "targetConnectorId": 1


If the Target Connector detail is not provided, the following error is shown:

{   "errorMessage": "Missing target connector information for multi-tenant job" }

Using Masked vDBs

The Delphix Continuous Data Engine (formerly Virtualization Engine) will automatically create the Connector and use this Connector when provisioning the Masked vDB. After execution, the created Connector will be automatically removed.



 To Fetch Masking jobs, the job must have 'Multi Tenant' enabled.