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Using Audit on the Masking Engine (KBA1813)



The Delphix Masking Engine has built-in Auditing of major actions. This page describes the audit logs and the Audit Process features:

  • Search & Filter
    Filter displays the following options:
    • Filter: Choose User
    • Filter: Start Date , End Date
    • Filter: Activity
    • Search
  • Sort
    Heading toggles the sort order.
  • Create PDF
    Generates a report (using the selected filter) 

User Interface

Masking UI - Admin - Audit.png

Activity List 

The activities logged and available in the filter section are:

Group Activity Description
Login Account Locked
User Login
User Logout
Locked user account: [Account}
User logged in
User logged out
Connector Add Connector
Delete Connector
User added connector: [Connector Name]
User deleted connector: [Connector Name]
Setup Add Algorithm
Delete Algorithm
Update Algorithm
User added algorithm: [Algorithm Name]
User edited algorithm: [Algorithm Name]
User deleted algorithm: [Algorithm Name]
Environment Add Environment
Delete Environment
User added environment: [Env Name]
User deleted environment: [Env Name]
Job Add Job
Delete Job
Run Job
Update Job
User added job: [Job Name]
User deleted job:  [Job Name]
User has run job: Environment name: [Env Name], Job: [Job Name]
User edited job: [Job Name]
Rule Set Add Rule  Set
Delete Rule Set
Update Rule Set
Update Inventory
User added ruleset: [Rule Set Name]
User deleted ruleset: [Rule Set Name]
User edited ruleset: [Rule Set Name]
User edited inventory: [Rule Set Name]
Engine Sync Object Export
Object Import
User exported object: [Object Name] 
User imported object: [Object Name]
API Download File
Randomize Algorithm Key
Downloading file of downloadFileId: [Filename]
User randomized key for algorithm: [Algorithm Name]
Keys New Key User generated a new global encryption key

Applicable Delphix Versions

This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

Major Release

Sub Releases



5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,

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