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Unlocking Locked Masking User and Password Reset (KBA1556)




At a Glance

Description: This KBA details how to unlock a locked user account and reset a forgotten password.
  Unlock Account Password Reset
Automatic Timeout Yes - method 1 -
Forgot Password - Yes - Method 2
Using Admin User Yes - method 3 Yes - method 3
Delphix Support  Yes - method 4 Yes - method 4
Best Practice:  The Best Practice is for each user to have their own account on the Masking Engine (not sharing an account) and having someone with Administration Rights so Account Unlock and Password Reset can be performed within your organization. 
Configuration: The timeout value and the number of attempts can be set using the Masking API.
API EndPoint: applicationSettings


Issue - Locked User and Password Reset

The Masking Engine will lock out a user on the 4th unsuccessful login attempt. From this point, the user has to either wait for the lock timeout, contact another user with Administrator Rights (Role) to unlock the locked user or engage Delphix Support to remove the lock.

If the password has been forgotten, use the Forgot Password feature or use another user with Administrator Rights (Role) who can reset the password. If neither of these methods can be used then contact Delphix Support.


Method 1 - Automatic timeout for Locked User

By default, the engine will unlock a locked account after 23 hours. 

Method 2 - Forgot Password

If the SMTP Server has been configured you can use the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. 

To reset your password use the link on the Login page and following the steps. 

UI - Forgot Passeord - 1 Login.png UI - Forgot Passeord - 2 Enter User ID.png UI - Forgot Passeord - 3 Reset.png

Failing to send email error (SMTP not configured)

The following error is seen if the Masking Engine can't send the email ('Unable to reset password for given user').

UI - Forgot Passeord - 2 Enter User ID - Error.png

Email example

Hi [user],

We received your password reset request. Please follow the link below to reset your password. Please note that the link will expire after 5 minutes. If the link expires before you reset your password, you will have to make a new password reset request.


If you did not request a password reset, you can ignore this email.


Method 3 - Using another Admin Account

A user with Administrator Role can unlock and reset the password for another user's account.


  • Log in using a user with Administrator Rights (Role) and navigate to "Admin" tab and click "Users".  
  • Click the Edit icon for the relevant user.

    image2017-2-1 15-18-41.png

Unlock locked account

A "Locked" checkbox selection should appear if the account is locked.  Removing the check from this box and clicking "Save" will unlock the user.
UI - Admin - User - Unlock Account.png

Reset Password

To reset the password, use 'Change Password':

UI - User Password Reset.png

Method 4 - Log a support call with Delphix Support

If you have no users with Administrator rights, please log a support call.

Best Practice

The best practice is to have multiple individual user accounts where only select users have Administration Rights. Sharing the one account on the engine is not recommended. 


The default timeout value and the number of attempts can be changed using the API endpoint applicationSettings.