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SFTP File Masking using Absolute or Relative Path (KBA7762)




KBA# 7762


At a Glance

Summary: This page describes a new feature, available in and newer releases, where a flag can be used to set if the SFTP should use an Absolute or Retaliative Path. 
Applies to:  This applies to SFTP only and in version and newer releases.
UI: UI: Environment > Connector >  SFTP Connector popup
  • Flag: 'User Directory as root'.
API: API: fileConnector
  • Key: "userDirIsRoot" (value:false/true) (optional)
More Info: For more information:


Applicable Delphix Versions 

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SFTP Absolute or Relative Path

Some SFTP servers have the ability to configure a User root directory. In that case, the path entered in the SFTP Connector should be relative to that directory.

In other cases (a User root directory has not been configured) - the path should be absolute (default on openSSH based SFTP servers).


The configuration is True or False and set through a flag:

User Directory as root Absolute/Relative Comment
False (default) The Path is Absolute. Most common and default on openSSH.
True The Path is Relative to the defined root. Use this if configured on your SFTP Server.


In this example, an SFTP server has a user-root-configured-directory  '/user/customer/sftp_files' and this directory contains  a folder with a file '/masking/file1.txt'.

Absolute/Relative Example
Absolute '/user/customer/sftp_files/masking/file1.txt'
Relative '/masking/file1.txt'

User Interface

If the Path defined is relative to the Use-home-dir as configured on the SFTP Server, check the 'User Directory as root' box.

KBA7762 Masking UI SFTP Connector - Use Directory as Root .png


This can also be set using the API.

  • API EndPoint: fileConnector
  "connectorName": "Test SFTP Connector",
  "environmentId": 2,
  "fileType": "DELIMITED",
  "connectionInfo": {
    "connectionMode": "SFTP",
    "path": "/delimited",
    "host": "yourSFTPServer",
    "loginName": "xxxxx",
    "password": "xxxxx",
    "port": 22,
    "userDirIsRoot": true