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Rule Set Feature: Add Column (Deprecated) (KBA4457)




KBA# 4457

At a Glance   

Deprecated: This feature has been deprecated as of version 6.0.10. There is no workaround. Details are only listed for historic reasons. 
Versions: Applicable Delphix Masking versions: 4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 6.0.x
Description: Applicable to On-The-Fly masking only. This feature is used to manage memory usage and performance. 

Use this function to select/deselect column(s) from a table when you don't want to load those columns through the masking job. These value will not be inserted into the target.
Location: UI: Rule Set > Edit Table Settings > Add Column
API: [not available]
RS Indicator: Table Indicator in the Rule Set: 'COL'.


This feature is only applicable to On-The-Fly masking and only on tables with many columns with a large amount of data. 

Since loading unmasked data into On-The-Fly will require memory and also affects the performance this feature is used to manage these two aspects. 

The best way to use the feature is to select all columns first and deselect the columns that should not be passed through. There is no error if a column is selected that is needed for masking. 




  • All Masked and ID Columns need to be selected or the masking job will throw an error (due to missing columns).
  • The values in the deselected columns will be set to NULL.


UI Examples  

In the examples below have the following names have been used: 

  • Rule Set: 'Rule Set Features RS'
  • Original Tabe Name: 'Main_Table'

Rule Set page  

Please note the 'COL' indicator when the table has Add Column defined. 

UI RS - COL.png

Edit Table Settings popup  

This shows an example using Add Column. The column 'NotMasked' will be passed through and set to NULL on the target. 

UI - RS Feature - Add Column.png

Missing input error  

If no column is select then this error is shown. 

UI - RS Feature - Add Column Error.png

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