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Rule Set Feature: Table Suffix (Deprecated) (KBA4439)




KBA# 4439


At a Glance

Deprecated: This feature has been deprecated as of version 6.0.10. There is no workaround. Details are only listed for historic reasons. 
Versions: Applicable Delphix Masking versions: 4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 6.0.x
Description: Used to mask a sub-table with a suffix name. This can be a date for tables with data extracted monthly, or a value for shadow temporary tables.
The Rule Set is defined on the Original Table. 
Location: UI: Rule Set > Edit Table Settings
API: [not available]
Configuration: The following parameters are used to configure this feature: 
  • Original Table Name: The original table the Rule Set is based on.
  • Suffix Date Pattern: Month/Year pattern for the shadow table. 
  • Suffix Value: Fixed value for the shadow table.
  • Separator: Separator between Original Table Name and Suffix
RS Indicator: Table Indicator in the Rule Set: 'SUF'.
Suffixes: Table suffixes options available:
  • Suffix Date Pattern: 'yyyy', 'yyyy_mm', 'mm_yyyy', 'yy_mm', 'mm_yy'.
  • Suffix Value: Any string.
Version Updates: KBA updated version 6.0.10.


The Suffix Table feature is used to mask a sub-table (or shadow table) with a suffix name. The Rule Set is defined on the Original Table and the Suffix table is masked.

A suffix can be a date for tables with data extracted monthly, or a value for shadow temporary tables. This has been used in scripted processes where data from a larger table has been extracted to a shadow table which then is masked and inserted back into the table. 

To define the rule set

Since the Rule Set is defined on the original (base) table, the first step is to define the Rule Set and inventory on this table, then to define the Suffix values for the suffix table. 

  1. Define Rule Set:   
    • Table: example 'Original_Table'
    • Inventory 
  2. Define Rule Set feature - Table Suffix:
    • Original Table: example 'Original_Table'
    • Suffix Date Pattern; or
      Suffix Value
    • Separator (optional)


Parameter Field Example
Original Table Original Table Name 'Original_Table'
Suffix (one or the other) Suffix Date Pattern 'yyyy_mm'
Suffix Value 'msk'
Separator Separator '_'

Suffix Date Pattern

Valid Date Patterns are:

Pattern Matching table example
'mm_yyyy' 'Orig_Tbl_07_2019'
'yyyy_mm' 'Orig_Tbl_2019_07'
'mm_yy' 'Orig_Tbl_07_19'
'yy_mm' 'Orig_Tbl_19_07'
'yyyy' 'Orig_Tbl_2019'

UI Examples

In the examples below, the following names have been used:  

  • Rule Set: 'Suffix_RS'
  • Original Table Name: 'Main_Table'

Rule Set Page

Please note the 'SUF' indicator when the table has a Table Suffix defined. 

UI RS - Suf.png

Edit Table Settings Popup

This shows an example using a Suffix Value and Separator

UI RS - Table Suffix.png

Edit Table Settings Popup - Invalid input error

This shows the error displayed when an invalid Suffix Date Pattern was entered. 

UI RS - Table Suffix - Invalid Pattern.png

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