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Restarting Masking Engine Service and Nonresponsive Issues (KBA5906)




KBA# 5906



You need to restart the masking service due to an issue. For example, this can occur when: 

  • Masking job has terminated but the status was not detected (job still in running state).
  • A masking task (job or other) is taking a too long time and needs to be canceled and normal cancel doesn't work. 


It can also take a long time to restart the engine. This is normal if there has been a large job with a large Rule Set. 


Masking Job Terminated but the Status was not Detected

It is possible for a job to terminate (for example due to not enough memory) and the job status remain undetected. To clear this state: 

  1. Verify from the logs that no jobs are running. 
  2. Restart the masking service. 

Masking Task Needs to be Canceled

If a task was started and it is not completing, you may need to restart the masking service to cancel the task.



  • The best option is to wait for the task to complete. 
  • Verify that there are no other tasks or jobs running as these will terminate when the masking service restarts.


Restart is Taking a Long Time

The restart can take a long time if the previous job was a large job with a large Rule Set. Please provide enough time for the masking service to start up.

If you need assistance to verify, please open a support ticket. 

This issue is caused by Syncable Objects being cleaned up and on very large Rule Sets this can take over an hour. 

Applicable Delphix Versions

Click here to view the versions of the Delphix engine to which this article applies
Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,




To restart the masking engine, use the following commands on the CLI:

$ ssh sysadmin@yourEngine
yourEngine> system
yourEngine system> ls
startMasking  stopMasking
yourEngine system> stopMasking
yourEngine system stopMasking *> commit
yourEngine system> startMasking
yourEngine system startMasking *> commit
yourEngine system> exit
Connection to yourEngine closed

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