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Resolving "No Instance Named" Error on MSSQL Masking Job (KBA1313)



Troubleshooting Error No Instance Named

An MSSQL masking job may fail with an Error saying there is no instance named.


2018-03-31 12:34:34,038 [http-nio-8282-exec-2] ERROR c.dmsuite.common.utils.DBConnection - Error while getting sql server Connection Object 
java.sql.SQLException: Server has no instance named WINDOWS_INSTANCE.


To resolve error try removing the Instance Name from the connectors page and try the job again.

connector instance.png

  • Instance Name — (MS SQL Server only) The name of the instance.
    This is optional. If the instance name is specified, the connector ignores the specified "Port" and attempts to connect to the "SQL Server Browser Service" on port 1434 to retrieve the connection information for the SQL Server instance. If the instance name is provided, be sure to make exceptions in the firewall for port 1434 as well as the particular port that the SQL Server instance listens to.

For more information, see Managing Connectors.

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This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

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