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Masking Environment Export and Import (KBA1634)





There are different ways Masking Engine Objects can be exported and imported. Note - these methods are not for backup but rather to copy configurations.

Below are the most common listed: 


The best way today is to use the Community Tools (Masking Tools (KBA6598)).


For Engine Backup - please see Backup and Recovery Strategies for the Delphix Engine.

At a Glance  

Versions: Applicable Delphix Masking versions: 4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x
Description:  Environment Export and Import using an XML file to move, migrate or backup an Environment.
Location: UI: Environments  
Selected Environment.
Objects Connectors, Jobs, Rule Sets, Inventories.
Required XML top structure.
Optional The XML can be edited and objects not needed can be removed.

Environment Export/ Import

This page describes how to Export and Import using the masking engine UI which exports an XML file from the Environment page. 

The use cases for Export/Import are:

  • Simple Environment Backup.
  • Make changes to an Environment. For example: 
    • Merging two Environments.
    • Adding additional objects (connectors, tables, columns) to an Environment,
    • Changes multiple objects. 
  • Migrate an Environment:
    • To another engine.
    • To another version*.


There is no guarantee that future version will change the XML structure. 

Objects Exported 

These objects are exported from the selected Environment:

  • Connectors
  • Rule Sets and configurations
  • Inventories 
  • Jobs

Objects Not Exported 

It is important to note that there are some key engine objects that are not exported. The reason for this is that these objects are not part of the Environment. These are:

  • Any Masking Engine setup items:
    • Domain configurations.
    • Algorithms nor algorithm data.
    • Profiles nor profile data (i.e. expressions).
    • Data formats. 
  • Log files
  • Execution history

Some Pointers

  1. Export and Import can take a long time.
    • Especially if there are many objects (usually tables and columns) in the Environment,
    • There is no visual progress feedback.
  2. Before import, the following need to exist on the engine:
    1. All Domains
    2. All Algorithms
    3. All Data Formats (including custom data formats for file, Excel, and copybooks, etc). 

Export Procedure  

Navigate to the Masking Engine interface:

  1. Go to the Environments screen.
  2. Click the Export button to export the environment.
    This step can take some time depending on the number of objects.
    Make a note about the XML File Name in the Pop up prior to clicking the Export button. When you click Export, a popup window is opened which will have the link to the XML when finished. If this fails, see Issues below.

UI - Environment Page w Export Popup.png

  1. If multiple environments need to be exported, repeat step 2 for each environment. 
  2. Take note of Domains and custom Algorithms 
    • Click the tab Setup and Domain and Algorithm.
    • These are not copied and need to be created manually.
  3. Done.

Import Procedure  

Navigate to the Masking Engine interface:

  1. Ensure all Algorithms and Domains exist before importing. If not, manually create them. 
  2. Go to the Environments screen.
  3. Select Import Environment and enter the required information.
    • Select Save & View.
    • This step can take some time depending on the number of objects.
      If there are multiple environments, repeat step 3 for each environment. 
  4. Done.

Issues during Export/Import

Issues Description Solution
Popup Window disabled Popup window might be disabled in your browser.  Enable popup windows on the Browser from this site.
Export Popup Window Closed  When the XML generation process is taking a long time, it might happen that one close the Export popup window. 
  • Capture the XML File Name:
    • either from the Export process described above; 
    • or from the Logs described below.
  • Open a new tab and specify "http://[Engine Name]:8282/dmsuite/Export/[XML File name]"
The Domain or Algorithm are not defined on the engine 

If the Import fails due to the Domain name not present (see the error message below).

Domain names [Domain] not present. Import of Environment failed.

Create the Domain (and Algorithm) prior to importing the Environment

Troubleshooting Export/ Import Completion

To troubleshoot completion, one can search for the following strings in the masking logs as there is no progress indicator when exporting and importing the environment.

In the Masking Engine UI:

  • Go to the Admin tab > Logs.
  • View the logs on screen or download the Logs. 

Logs for Export  

## Comment - Start Export
[Date]... INFO ...ExportImportEnvironmentAjaxFacade - startFileCreationToExport export path [/var/delphix/dmsuite/Export]

## Comment - Export finised and download link
[Date]... INFO ...ExportImportEnvironmentAjaxFacade - basePath : http://[Engine Name]:8282/dmsuite/Export/Env_192131426965.xml

Logs for Import 

## Comment - Start Export
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager - ### Start import process.....
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager - Unmarshalling the file ................Env_192131426965.xml
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager - Unmarshalling DONE ................
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager -  1. Actual start algo present ..............
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager - FileFormat already present for File 'history.txt'.
[Date]... INFO ...dmsuite.manager.EnvironmentManager - User is admin: 1
## Comment - Import finished



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