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Masking Data Level Profiler Failed to Find Rows that Match Regex (KBA7533)




KBA# 7533



When using the Masking Profiler in Data Level mode on Small or Sparse tables it can fail to report any matching rows.


This issue only affects DataLevel profiling jobs.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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When executing DataLevel profiling these 2 parameters need to be considered:

DataLevelRows = 100
DataLevelPercentage = 80.0%

By default, the Masking Engine will scan the first 100 rows of data from each table, and will assign profiles if 80% of the rows match one of the Data Level expressions in your Profiler Set. If you have sparse data (for example a column where null values are allowed, may have sparse data), the profiler may not be so effective at assigning a 'profile', especially if the values are too spread out in the column. If the number of rows is less than 100, then they will be counted as misses.

They can be adjusted to match the table being profiled, if required by following the API procedure detailed here:

The application-settings settingId value for these 2 parameters are 41 & 42.


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