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How to Troubleshoot Masking MSSQL Connection Problems (KBA6432)




KBA# 6432

Applicable Delphix Versions

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5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


How to Task troubleshoot Masking MSSQL connection problems

This knowledgebase document will aim to assist with MSSQL server connection problems in the masking engine.

MSSQL does not provide much detail on login errors. Also, it does not natively provide any guidance on steps to fix the connection problem in the error message.

Typically the following error will be generated in the masking engine connector page:


Reviewing the logs (Admin > log) you may find the following:


Or the error:

ERROR - Getting db connection encountered an error java.sql.SQLException: Login failed for user 'delphix_user'.

Neither of these error messages is particularly helpful in diagnosing what the specific issue is.

To troubleshoot potential connection issues:

Try the following steps to troubleshoot the connection problem:

1. Initially check the username and password are correct. Often in these circumstances, the password has changed or has become locked. Please also check the case of the username and password matches as MSSQL Server is case sensitive.

2. Verify that the Delphix user account has permission to connect over JDBC.

3. Review the SQL Server error log. This may provide more information on the specific type of login problem such as "The password is incorrect" or "Login is valid, but server access failed." The SQL logs can be accessed with SQL studio management. Navigate to Management > SQL Server Logs, from there you should be able to find the login failures. Further details and possible reasons are in the following TechNet document:

4. If you have another Database Client that uses JDBC (e.g., DB Visualizer, DBeaver) try the connection using that tool with the delphix_user account. This will help indicate if the issue is reproducible outside of the Delphix masking engine. If DBeaver cannot connect, then the connection issue is not likely related to the Masking engine. However, if DBeaver can connect over JDBC but the Delphix masking engine cannot, then this would indicate a problem on the Delphix side.

If after trying these steps there is still a connection problem, please log a support case with Delphix support for further assistance.


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