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How to Export and Import Security Key Between Masking Engines to Sync Algorithms (KBA7722)




KBA# 7722

Applicable Delphix Versions

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How to Task

When you need to sync algorithms between masking engines ensure that all the masking engines have the same global security key. In case of a mismatch of key-value on any of the engines, you need to import the correct key from the other engines.


Identify the masking engine having a different security key. 

Exporting and Importing the masking key

To export and import the correct security key to the affected engine, complete the following procedure:

  1. Login to the api-client of the masking engine with the correct key using for older versions and for newer versions.
  2. Scroll down until you see the login option:
  3. Login with a masking engine user id and password on the POST /login and click Try it out or Execute API Request.Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.12.43 AM.png
  4. If the login is successful, an authorization code is displayed. Copy the authorization code and return to the top of the screen. Paste the authorization key into the value box, then click Authorize.


  5. Back up the object Key
    1. Navigate to sync and perform a get /syncable-objects and click Try it now or Execute API Request
    2. Scroll down to the response body and select the text for "ObjectIdentifier":"KeyId".                                                                                                                                                     clipboard_eed8546c1f44f61a48a74ced2504ac3e7.png
    3. Use the object Identifier code obtained in the previous step to export the masking key. Paste the selected text from the previous text into POST /export body block and
      execute the API request
      Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.20.26 AM.png
    4. Successful execution of POST will produce a response code of 200 . Copy the Response Body output and save it in a text file
  6. Login to the api-client for the making engine which has the incorrect key. To login follow step 1-4 on the engine with the incorrect key.
  7. Navigate to sync and select POST /import . Paste the contents of step 5d in the body field of /import, and then execute the API request.clipboard_e717b174ebd1f46e4eeb339922243cc2f.png
  8. You can validate if the right key has been fetched by following step 5 (a) and comparing the revision hash value.


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