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Connecting to a AWS Redshift instance via Masking engine extended connector (KBA7728)




KBA# 7728



The Masking engine does not provide a connector for AWS Redshift out of the box.


  1. Access to an AWS Redshift instance.
  2. Delphix masking engine
  3. Please note our support policy on extended connector: Delphix Extensibility Support

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases


  1. Download the latest version of the AWS Redshift JDBC driver: Download redshift JDBC Driver.
  2. Upload an extended driver as per our documentation: Managing Extended Connectors.
    Please make sure that the zip file contains all the required files to have the driver to work.
  3. AWS Redshift requires you trust their certificate to allow the connection: Connecting SSL Support.
    The certificate can be added to the Delphix engine via the Server Setup application as described here: Certificate Management Truststore Settings.
  4. Restart the Masking service once the certificate has been uploaded: Restarting Masking Engine Service and Nonresponsive Issues (KBA5906). Please make sure there are no running jobs before initiating the restart.



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