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Algorithm: Custom Algorithms (Mapplets) (KBA5544)




KBA# 5544


Custom Algorithms (formerly called Mapplets) are algorithms created by Technical Services or a Partner to resolve a specific masking requirement. 

Creation, modification, and support are done by the author of the algorithm. 

Applicable Delphix Versions

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 At a Glance 

Characteristics: Custom Algorithms are algorithms designed to cater to specific user requirements. Common use cases for these algorithms are to handle Referential Integrity, 1:1 Mapping, and Multi-field masking. 


Encoding:  The character encoding is custom. 
Support: For support on any Custom Algorithm, please contact the author. 

Adding Custom Algorithms

Once Technical Services or a Partner has designed the algorithm it can be loaded and added to the Masking Engine. 

The algorithm definition is defined in an XML file which is loaded using the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Select Custom Algorithms.
  3. Click Add Algorithm:
    • Name the algorithm. 
    • For the Input and Output field - please consult with the author. 
    • Specify the XML in the 'Upload File' to load the algorithm.
  4. Click Submit to add. 


Masking UI - Custom Algorithm.png

Modify Custom Algorithms

Custom algorithms can be modified by clicking the green pen. For changes to the algorithm, please contact the author.