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Resolving Error "Network Connection Reset" when linking From Windows Server 2003 (KBA1248)





This topic has been Archived, as Windows 2003 has been EOL by Microsoft in 2015, and by Delphix in 5.2.  



Troubleshooting "Network Connection Reset" Error

Linking a SQL Server database from a Windows Server 2003 Source fails with a "Network Connection Reset" error.


This failure occur if the SMB (Windows File Sharing) client on the source host times out after writing the backup file to the Delphix TEMP share, while waiting for data to be flushed to disk (as part of a FlushFileBuffers() operation).

A workaround for this issue is to increase the SMB client session timeout value, SESSTIMEOUT.

Microsoft KB Article KB102067 describes the process of setting this value:

SESSTIMEOUT can be set using REGEDT32. It is found under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\ LANMANWORKSTATION\PARAMETERS\SESSTIMEOUT. It has a variable type of REG_DWORD. The value is stored in decimal seconds. The default is 45. Range 10 to 65535 seconds. SESSTIMEOUT is never automatically adjusted. If you manually adjust the value it will take effect immediately. 

The appropriate value for this setting will vary, based on the network throughput between the Delphix Engine and the Staging/PPT host, and the available RAM for file system cache on the Staging/PPT host.


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