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Managing Delphix Storage (KBA1230)



Managing Delphix Storage




This topic has been Retired and moved to Documentation.

See: Capacity and Resource Management




4.1.x and older versions did not support storage removal from the Delphix Engine. This capability has been added in 4.2, see Capacity and Resource Management. We recommend the use of the device removal feature with 5.1 and higher.

 Increasing storage capacity can be done by:

  • Adding new luns
  • Deleting objects 
  • Changing snapshot retention 
  • Using vMotion to move to new LUNs


Adding New Luns 

If it is available you can add more LUNs to the Delphix Engine

  1. Launch the ServerSetup application and log in using the sysadmin credentials. 

  2. The Delphix Server should automatically detect any new storage devices.
    If the newly added storage device does not appear in the Storage section of the Server Setup Summary screen, click Rediscover.

  3. In the Storage section of the Server Setup Summary screen, click Modify.
    The Expand checkbox appears next to the name of devices that have added capacity, and the Unused column indicates how much capacity is available for each device.

  4. Select Expand for each device that you want to expand.

  5. Click OK.




Do not remove a Configured Storage Device or reduce its capacity.
Removing or reducing a configured storage device will cause a fault on the Delphix Server, and will require Delphix Support assistance for recovery.

Deleting Objects to Increase Capacity 

Deleting outdated  or unused objects should be a regular cadence. It is important to prevent low space errors that can cause the engine to stop. Note that the Delphix Engine has a maximum of 400 objects.

To delete objects
  1. Log into the Delphix Admin application using delphix_admin credentials.
  2. Select Resources > Capacity.
  3. Select the groups or objects you want to delete.
    As items are selected, they will be added to the Total Capacity of Objects Selected for Deletion.
  4. Click Delete.

Listing Objects in the CLI 

  1. Log into the Delphix CLI using delphix_admin credentials.
  2. Enter database.
  3. Enter list.
    You can find a list of all your dSources and VDBs here.

Listing Objects in the GUI 

  1. Open your Delphix Engine GUI and log in using delphix_admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Dashboard.
  3. A list of dSources and VDBs can be found in the Performance Management section.

Changing Snapshot Retention to Increase Capacity 

  1. Log into the Delphix Admin application using delphix_admin credentials.

  2. Select Resources > Capacity.

  3. Click in the Keep Until column for the snapshot you want to edit.

  4. Select the number of days that you want to preserve the snapshot.

  5. Click outside the column to set the change.

Use vMotion to Move to New LUNs 

Use vMotion to move to New LUNs keeping the following in mind:

  • vMotion of a VM can be done with the VM running or shut down.
  • If the VDB server (the target) is running when vMotioned, then there should be nothing at all to do on the Delphix Engine.
  • A live vMotion is a transparent operation. If you plan to shut down the VM and vMotion while powered off, you first need to shut down the VDB(s) through the Delphix Engine GUI.