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KBA1420 Oracle Upgrades - dSource Upgrades




This topic has been Retired and moved to Documentation: Upgrading dSources after an Oracle Upgrade


Delphix captures Source database details under "Environment" tab and it's backups/changes are reflected under "dSource" Snapshots. Similar to virtual database (VDB) upgrade, steps for upgrading Source database is identical, and Oracle prescribed approach is recommended.


  • Before starting Source database upgrade process, it's recommend to pause Delphix connectivity to Source database to stop raising alerts during maintenance window.
  • Use "disable" dSource option : Open dSource card and slide the toggle option on bottom-left corner from "Enabled" -> "Disabled". Remember to slide back the option to "Enabled" status after successful Source upgrade to re-establish Delphix connectivity. 



Post Source Database Upgrade Steps

Update Delphix Repository

  • After successful Source database upgrade, Delphix repository needs to be updated with newer Database version, otherwise Delphix would not be able to connect to Source database and execute Snapshots.
  • Open the dSource card and click on upload_button.png (bottom right corner) and select appropriate Oracle home and click "Yes".


Delphix database user privileges

  • Execute Delphix supplied script for granting necessary privileges to Delphix database user (particularly for Oracle 12c), so Delphix is able to successfully connect to Source database and take Snapshots.

 Adjust Snapshot Retention Policy

  • Delphix keeps older version Snapshots until the Retention policy kicks-in. So within retention window, one would have Snapshots from Older version as well as Upgraded version as shown below :


  • For performing VDB provision/refresh, ensure that appropriate version Snapshots are chosen, otherwise Delphix would throw Oracle version mismatch message.