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Changing dSource Servers (KBA1012)


How to Change dSource Servers?




This topic has been Retired and moved to Documentation, see Managing Data Source and Syncing Data.


  • Admin access to Delphix Engine
  • New Server information (Adding a Database to an Oracle Environment)
  • Meet ALL of the following Oracle prerequisites.
    When attaching an Oracle dSource to a new data source, the new data source must be the same logical database satisfying the following constraints:
    • Same dbid
    • Same dbname
    • Same creation time
    • Same resetlogs SCN
    • Same resetlogs time
    • Same redo stream, where a log must exist with
      • Same sequence
      • Same thread
      • Same end SCN




Some of the following steps apply to CLI only.


To change dSource Server

Familiarize yourself with How to unlink or detach Oracle dSource

  1. Log into the Delphix Admin
    1. Select Manage > Databases > My Databases.
    2. Select the database you want to unlink.
    3. Click Unlink.
      A warning message will appear.
    4. Click Yes.
  2. Bring down the database on the old environment.
  3. Refresh the environment where the database previously resided.
  4. Refresh the new environment where the database currently resides.
  5. Attach the dSource from the CLI.
    1. Select the dSource
    2. Run the attachSourcecommand
    3. Set the config to point to an unlinked Source
    4. Set the following configurations:
      • dbCredentials.password=
      • dbUser=
      • environmentUser=
      • source.config=
      • commit